Bret Kerr, a graphic designer working for Prentice Hall, found my photo “The Lighthouse at a Cloudy Night” on Flickr. He asked me for permission to use it as one of the cover images of Prentice Hall Science Explorer - Georgia Physical Science. It is a great honor and I was thrilled. The photo was taken in August, 2006, just a couple days before I leave the States. In this November, Georgian middle-school students will be able to use this gorgeous text at class. Prentice Hall, a subsidiary of Pearsons Education, claims itself to be the world's largest publisher of academic and reference textbooks.
我的照片 “The Lighthouse at a Cloudy Night” 放在Flickr分享,被一位同樣是在教科書出版公司工作的設計人員 Bret Kerr 發現,向我借片,要放在11月出版的 Prentice Hall Science Explorer - Georgia Physical Science 封面。這是美國教科書的客製版,依據各州情況編寫的教材(日本和台灣也都有類似的國中小教科書版本);而這本是為了喬治亞洲寫的物理教材。想想也真是有趣,照片居然上了美國教科書,我跟教科書真是有緣啊。當然,也有一筆小小的收入啦。Prentice Hall 號稱世界最大的教科書出版公司,隸屬於 Pearsons Education 集團,是美國五大教育出版集團之一,旗下有名的還有做語文的 Longman 朗文出版和做國小教科書的 Scott Foresman。


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