On 08.08.2008, Flickr invited user to participate another 24 hours photo activity, Flickr 888: "Take a photo anytime when it’s August 8th where you are, then share it in the group."

Since I have to work on that day, I took my photo after work. I chose Guandu Bridge as my subject for it marked a sign in my daily life. I pass through it back and forth on the way to work. This photo is to share my experience with the world.

Fiickr 今年選擇在8月8日舉辦24小時攝影馬拉松活動:Flickr 888。我以關渡大橋為主題,因它已成為我日常生活的一部份。每日晨昏,我總要經過這座紅色的拱橋。選擇它,也是希望和世界各地的人們分享這座橋的美。


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