Went to Singapore for a very short trip in early October. The main purpose was to visit a company to determined if I will move and work for it, in the mean time take a glance of this small island country. Although I finally decided not to accept their package, I still had a good time touring the city.


↓Singapore skyline viewed from the Singapore Flyer. 從新加坡摩天輪俯瞰新加坡市中心。
A View from Singapore Flyer

↓Singapore Flyer 新加坡摩天輪
Singapore Flyer at Night (I)

↓Architectural example of the early Peranakan style. The little door pane is called "Pintu Pagar," while the blue window symbolize bat shape of fortune in Chinese culture. (Emerald Hill Historic Residential District) 新加坡當地早期的土生華人建築風格,一方面融合了馬來人的矮門,另一方面結合了中國的蝙蝠造型窗戶。
Blue Eyes

↓Elegant chandeliers of the historic Raffles Hotel. 萊佛士酒店優雅的吊燈,呈現了英國的上流社會文化風格。
Raffles Hotel

↓The famous classic Merlion. 著名的魚尾獅。
Fountain Spread (Merlion)

↓Nicknamed "The Huge Durian," the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay glimmering in the dusk. 俗稱大榴槤的濱海藝術中心在夜色中閃耀。
Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

↓Iconic night shot of the Merlion. 魚尾獅再一張。
Merlion at Night

↓Colorful Cavenagh Bridge is the first suspension bridge in Singapore. 色彩斑斕的卡文納橋,是新加坡第一座鋼索懸吊橋。
Colorful Cavenagh Bridge

↓Also visited the National Orchid Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens. 去了新加坡植物園裡的國家胡姬(蘭)花園。
Dendrobium Hifikepunye Pohamba 石斛蘭

Epidendrum Ivan Gasparovic 樹蘭

↓Vanda Miss Joaquim, also known as the National Flower of Singapore. 新加坡國花,是一種萬代蘭。
Vanda Miss Joaquim (National Flower of Singapore)

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