The squares are what set Savannah apart from other cities in the United States. Canopied with shades of giant oak trees, Spanish moss and carpeted with lush green lawn and colorful spring blossoms, the existing 22 squares and the historic Forsyth Park are the most popular attractions of the city. When Savannah was founded in 1733 by General James Edward Oglethorpe, he laid out the town according to a plan which he designed earlier in England. It is also said that the idea of square blocks came from the plan of China's Beijing City. This made Savanah the first planned city in the nation. Providing a southern leisure atmosphere, these parks and squares represent the harmony of human and nature in an urban setting. Meanwhile, the city plan of squares is one of the most popular features in tourist ads, as it signifies the uniqueness and importance of the city.

在沙凡那的市中心,棋盤羅列的、覆蓋著綠蔭的廣場林立在街道之間,這種的獨特市區規畫,使得這個喬治亞州的第一座城市在美國顯得非常特出。據說,這種方塊狀的城市規畫,是當初建城者 James E. Oglethorpe 將軍根據當時北京市的樣貌仿製的。現在,漫步在洋溢著濃濃美國南方情調,掛滿西班牙苔蔓的巨大古老的橡樹間,特別能感受創建者的用心,這是一座休閒意味濃厚的南方小城。而春暖花開時,在這些廣場、公園裡,上方垂懸著淡綠色的西班牙苔,下方則鋪滿了杜鵑花,這就是這座城市獨一無二的正字標記了。其中,第三張照片那個Madison Square立牌前,就是電影《Forrest Gump阿甘正傳》裡一開始,飾演主角阿甘的湯姆漢克斯等公車的長椅所在,只不過,長椅只出現在電影裡,現實中,車流也不是照電影裡的方向走的。


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