Conveniently linking Savannah, Hutchinson Island and South Carolina since 1991, the new cable-stayed bridge replaced the old Talmadge cantilever truss bridge (built in 1953), which had become a danger for large ships entering the port in Savannah, Georgia, the largest single terminal container port on the United States eastern seaboard. The twin diagonal structure forms a magnificent shape that dominates the skyline of Savannah and has been successfully blending into historic Savannah’s cityscape and become in a part of every guest’s memory of the city. As an icon of the city’s modernity and technology advancement, it is frequently used to represent the new spirit of Savannah.

橫跨在沙凡那河上,扼商港港口並連接喬治亞州和南卡羅萊納州的 Talmadge Bridge塔馬居橋,是在1991年代替原來木構橋而重建的鋼纜斜張橋。由於商業繁盛,大型貨輪進出頻繁,因此原來的矮橋變得不敷使用且危險,於是改建。現在,在為了保留古蹟而禁建的沙凡那市區拔高而起的塔馬居橋,儼然成為該市的新地標,跨於寬闊河面上的現代幾何線條和另一邊綠意盎然的傳統建築群相映成趣,且和諧並存。


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