This photo is my entry to Flickr's 24 Hours of Flickr Project. The East Asian rainy season (梅雨季Plum Rain Season), pronounced "meiyu" in Chinese and "tsuyu" or (less commonly) "baiu" in Japanese, refers to the frontal precipitation caused by the mei-yu front, a persistent east-west zone of disturbed weather during spring which is quasi-stationary and stretches from the east China coast, across Taiwan, and eastward into the Pacific south of Japan. The rainy season usually lasts from June to July in Japan and from July to August in the Chang Jiang and Huai He region of China. - Wikipedia

“What happens around the world in one day? In a word – life. Here on Flickr, our members are sharing the world that they see: snapping daily moments, recording history, telling stories, capturing beauty.” - 24 Hours of Flickr

2007年5月5日,Flickr邀請所有使用者參加 "24 Hours of Flickr" 這個活動,目的在讓散居在世界各地的攝影愛好者在這一天拿起相機,捕捉生活的點滴與美好,記錄世界各地特色文化,還有展現攝影者所要創作的美。每位Flickr使用者可以放一張照片到24 Hours of Flickr群組,但是必須要是2007/5/5拍的,接下來Flickr會挑出一些照片集結成書出版,這可以說是世界性的攝影盛會,我當然要參加囉。


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