Views of Kaohsiung 高雄拾景

Some scenes taken while I was in Kaohsiung during Mother's Day weekend. 這次母親節回高雄,除了陪媽媽過節,當然還是要到處去看看暌違已久的高雄市容囉。

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 世運主場館不得其門而入,就去拍蓮池潭龍虎塔
Dragon and Tiger Pagodas 左營 蓮池潭 龍虎塔

Dome of Light, Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung MRT 高捷美麗島站 光之穹頂
Dome of Light 光之穹頂

Ruyi Bridge is a curvy pedestrian bridge 位於三民親子公園的愛河之心-如意橋。只能說夜高雄越來越美了~
Ruyi Bridge 如意橋/愛河之心

Cihou Lighthouse is on the hilltop, overlooking the entrance of Kaohsiung harbor 旗津旗后燈塔
Lighthouse on the Hill

Boat ride between Colorful Bridges on Love River 愛河遊船搭一次80元
Colorful Bridge Boat Ride 愛河遊船

Delonix Regia Flowering at Night 鳳凰花開了,白天看應該更美~
Delonix Regia Flowering at Night 夜看鳳凰花開

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