I got an opportunity to take some close pictures of Dr. Jane Goodall for I volunteered as the photographer of 2009 International Forum on Sustainable Development, hosted by The Jane Goodall Institute -Taiwan at National Central Library, Taipei. She is a very kind elder person and is very passionate about ecological and environmental issues, yet a very good listerner who will open to all discussions. I was very impressed by her speech and her character.


Before the conference 會前
Dr. Jane Goodall 珍古德博士

Giving speech 演講(她演說真的很有感染力,我拍到後來也忍不住坐在走道聽)
Dr. Jane Goodall Speaking 珍古德博士演講

Banquet tribute 獻花
Tribute Banquet to Dr. Jane Goodall 獻花給珍古德博士

Mr. Hope | 不離身的猴子布偶Mr. Hope,是十幾年前一位盲人魔術師送她的。
Mr. Hope 希望先生

Meeting local aboriginal students who will perform samba drums 會見稍後要表演的汐止樟樹國中森巴鼓隊
Dr. Jane Goodall Meeting Samba Drummers from Zhangshu Junior High 珍古德博士會見樟樹國中森巴鼓隊

Media interview 媒體訪問
Dr. Jane Goodall Interviewed 珍古德博士受訪

Meeting Taipei European School Students 會見台北歐洲學校學生
Dr. Jane Goodall Meeting Taipei European School Students 珍古德博士會見台北歐洲學校學生
Dr. Jane Goodall Meeting Taipei European School Students 珍古德博士會見台北歐洲學校學生

View all the photos here. 看所有照片請按此


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