Genesis 創世紀

This photo was taken during my first trip to California in winter 2004. I met a friend Steve and he drove me a trip to Monterey area. He then introduced me to this famous tourist spot called 17-Mile Drive. It's a private administrated property with stunning scenic seashore and endless golf courses.

上面這張是我自己最愛的攝影作品之一。這是2004年寒假時我第一次去加州玩時,和攝影同好Steve兄見面之後,他開車從他住的城市 Freemont 帶我南下去中加州海岸知名的景觀城市 Monterey 一遊所拍到的。我們那天去了我想去的 Monterey Bay 水族館,很有特色的海岸小鎮 Carmel,最後則來到附近知名的景點 17-Mile Drive。這是塊私人經營的土地,裡面有豪宅社區、美麗的珊瑚礁岩海岸景觀,和一望無際的高爾夫球場。

17-Mile Drive

Then we hit "The Lone Cypress," a cypress tree standing on an isolated rock at shore, under the beautiful dusk background.

這區域長滿了絲柏 (cypress),其中最有名的就是這個 "The Lone Cypress",一棵絲柏樹獨自生長在離岸的岩石上,遺世獨立。

The Lone Cypress

When we left the Lone Cypress, we still looking for a perfect scene to end this day's shooting trip. Then he took me to a nearby trail, along which we saw a dead cypress standing at the end of the wooden stairs. On its right hand side we saw another cypress leaning left, seems like it was going to reach for the dead tree. This reminds me of Leonardo da Vinci's famous fresco Genesis, as a man and a god reach both index fingers to communicate something.




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