I volunteered as the photographer again for the 2009 Hope Parade. This year they decided to make this event more exciting and efficient, so the number of the participation teams was cut in half, only more well-prepared team was selected. However, due to the fame gained at the past two years, this year this event attracted a lot more crowd and more non-assigned photographers. They really made the parade hard to move along because everyone was pushing forward, and some photographers even not listening to the rule and occupying the route. After all this is another successful event, I think everyone who joined the parade had a really good time.

今年再度應邀擔任2009 世界夢想嘉年華的攝影義工。今年雖然因為主辦單位為了精簡遊行隊伍,而將參與隊伍數量減半,但是因為連續兩年舉辦而越來越知名,所以圍觀的群眾多了許多,再加上今年有個更大型的攝影比賽,也吸引了許多有興趣的攝影者,讓整個遊行變得秩序有點混亂,也有數位非工作人員的攝影者不但不聽勸(非工作人員是不可以進入遊行路線中的),還對我惡言相向,真是喧賓奪主,我和另一位同是工作人員的攝影者也只能傻眼以對了。幸好大致上尚稱秩序良好,所有參與的人員應該都有享受到這個歡慶的時刻吧。

↓A touching moment. 準備上場囉,親子間的互動最感人
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 039

↓These boys painted in white to express the horror of the recent landslide disaster in the south Taiwan. 這組是要表達對88水患所造成的土石流災情做沈痛的回應
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 010

↓Best community advertisement. 最佳社區活廣告
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 098

↓Everyone puts on their best costume. 每個人都穿戴上最誇張的衣飾
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 118

↓Mayor Hao is joining the parade. 郝市長也加入遊行
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 130

↓Hot girls with the least dressing is always the "selling point" of the parade. 衣不蔽體的火辣女郎當然是遊行的賣點之一
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 131

↓The host's fire-spitting show is another focus spot. 主辦人的噴火秀也是焦點之一
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 136

↓A gay couple announced their wedding. 也有對同志戀人藉此宣告他們的婚禮
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 230

↓The competition between the aboriginal Samba drum team is getting extreme, many teams put on their most eye-catching costume. This is the traditional T-back pants wear by the Tao tribe on the Lanyu Island. 今年各原住民的森巴鼓隊競爭越來越激烈,多數隊伍都穿上最具代表性的服飾,這組台東來的隊伍就以蘭嶼的丁字褲吸引眾人目光。
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 327

↓This Caucasian girl's peacock costume is another attraction. 這位外國美女的孔雀裝也很吸睛
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 333

↓They had a crazy party after the parade. 遊行結束後,大家在總統府前廣場High翻天。
2009 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華 376

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2008 Hope Parade 世界夢想嘉年華遊行


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